Made in Northern Ireland, 1912-2012: Celebrating Craft


On the occasion of August Craft Month 2012 – Made in Northern Ireland, author Joseph McBrinn examines the role of craft within the wider history of modern design. Given the lack of recorded information about makers at the height of Northern Ireland’s industrial era, he asks whether we should strive to record the stories, as well as the skills, of contemporary makers in Northern Ireland and whether craft is, of itself, a form of storytelling – linking past to present.

Craft in Northern Ireland has continued, after the decline of the 'Golden Age' of shipbuilding and linemaking, to thrive and reinvent itself. In recent years crafts have grown into one of the principal economic forces and tourist attractions in the region. Craft Northern Ireland's August Craft Month 2012 is a unique occasion to engage with the makers themselves and understand better how and why making things by hand is part of our past, present and future.

'Made in Northern Ireland, 1912-2012: Celebrating Craft' was written by Joseph McBrinn, University of Ulster and published by Perspective Magazine (July/August).

Published: Monday, 23rd July 2012